An Angel’s Anguish

Hello and a clap to you! I found this when I was going through my only poems. I wrote this when I was 12 (I think). Glad to know I was disappointed with the world even when I was a 7th grader…

Centuries hast gone by,
The earth meets mine eye
What I behold, mine heart would deny
Can mine own gaze ev’r belie?
Jesus’ eyes twinkling in the starlight,
Oh, he made f’r such a fine sprite!
Thy new-born is a form of purity, despite…
The passive years hinder the po’r dram mite
Hold your fire, where’s the green; in the fallows?
Whence on the being’s mazzard art the halos?
To the fleeing fauna, the fearsome humans are callous!
Mother Nature does not deserve to be in the gallows
I knew I had a lot of work to doth
The last vestige was a flittering moth
Nay, thou shalt not turn into Satan’s broth
And I wrapp’d thy fickle earth upon mine divine cloth


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