The Variable That is the Light

When you see the luminous glow at the end
After that unforgiving journey
After that long expedition which curls around and squeezes you like a sneaky sly serpent
But you managed to wriggle out of;
You see the light
How cliché…How quintessentially “story-like”

What if you started at the light
A privileged one which the world is not privy to
With only “wants” and not “needs”
But still, you decide to make that journey
Are you walking into the dark world?
Are you stepping away from what you already had?
Are going to reap more benefits?
Or are you doing something…for nothing?

You’re putting your blood and sweat for the long haul
But it [the journey] mockingly spits at you
Taunting you for such a waste of time
But when you put in the time and effort, won’t you get the product of what you put in?
For every single action; or choice,
There is an equal and opposite reaction; or outcome
But the “opposite”, is it a variable? Will it change the outcome?
Can the decisions you make, be “wrong”?
Will it lead you onwards to a different path; a different tunnel?

I burden you with questions,
(Not rhetorical, mind you)
For which the answer can only come from:
Your heart
What you feel
Your mind
What you observe
Your mouth
What you are able to communicate

Am I hypothetically speaking?
Maybe… Maybe not.
But these experience can very well be true, for you.
Will you go on this journey,
Stepping away from the light and into the assumably colorless tunnel,
That which could be an abyss?
That is for you to decide, reader.


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