Cardinal Sin

January 14th, 4:42 am
The crimson burned so brightly
It was thunderous; unfazed
The vermillion had burning passions against the building
With such fervour
Everything deteriorating, disintegrating, decaying
Sparks; blood-red and toxic-yellow, were everywhere
A myriad of black ashes
Swirled around, building up a dark atmosphere

January 13th, 5:00 pm
A woman looked back and turned
“Rattle…Rattle! Rattle!”
Gurgles and laughs echoed in the woman’s ears
A serious face is replaced with amusement
A hand-stitched quilt was covering up
A laugh escaped from the mother’s mouth as well
She looked playfully into the crystal blue eyes
Of the infant she adores

January 13th, 7:36 pm
The clatter of keys resonated across the room
The mother’s lips twisted into a grin
And the little one’s eyes widened
The door creaked, followed by a familiar face
He embraced his family and played a clown for his child
The baby later soundly slept; undisturbed
A kiss planted on her rosy cheeks
Tranquility reigned for that moment

January 14th, 3:03 am
In the place where culinary concoctions are made
A white and brown hazardous material
Is strewn across the glossy beige tiles
That which was near the prone wooden island
A careless error; an act of negligence
Is the reason for such an adversity
Sparked, was a fire
The start of an inferno

January 15th, 7:42 pm
The woman looked straight into his soul
With her miserable murderous mahogany eyes
“Our…My bundle of joy is tied to a bed because of I-wonder-who?!
Will she ever recover from respiratory arrest?”
The man was beyond depressed and almost soulless
And there they were, and what follows,
Is true loathing and separation
Because of one…addiction-fuelled and absent-minded accident


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